Static Guards (Unarmed) (Local and Ghurkha Guards)

Our local guards are fully trained and disciplined before being deployed at any one assignment. Our guards are well equipped with the right attitude, character, skill and knowledge to handle client’s requirements.

Our Ghurkha Guards are veteran ex-soldiers recruited from the Royal Nepal Army, and Ghurkha Regiment of the Royal Indian Army. We also recruit ex-British Army Ghurkha veterans at the request of clients subject to the approval from the Home Affairs Ministry in Malaysia and other relevant agencies. These veteran soldiers are well trained in all aspects of security services, well disciplined, trustworthy and highly committed to their respective tasks. Language is not a barrier since most of them are English speaking and are quick to learn our Bahasa Malaysia.

Our Ghurkha Guards can be deployed at any residencies, factories, offices as armed and unarmed personals. Besides they can also be deployed as close bodyguards without weapons

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Static Guards (Unarmed) (Local and Ghurkha Guards)
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